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207 S. Market

Hudson, Michigan 49247


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Sacred Heart School 

in Hudson has given 75 years of

quality education to the community!

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A Little About our School

      Sacred Heart Catholic School is dedicated to the ministry of providing excellent academics anchored in the Roman Catholic tradition, which nurtures children in Christian values and a life of service.

      Sacred Heart School gives students a Christ centered environment that enables them to develop their highest potential spiritually, intellectually, morally, physically and academically.

      We start our day with Daily Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Our staff is highly trained with many years of experience teaching in multi-age classrooms. We implemented STAR testing for the 2011-2012 school year, which allows our teacher's to monitor more closely the student's ability levels and communicate their achievements to their parents. Our teachers and
staff are committed to serving your family!

      Sacred Heart is an accredited K - 6 School with a strong academic program, technology lab and a state licensed preschool for 3 & 4 year olds. We also offer an after school program called Beyond the Bell.

      We realize the importance of elective courses in our schedule, therefore, we partner with Pittsford Area Schools to offer Music, Art, Physical Education and Band within our building.

      To ensure our students receive a nutritious lunch, we partner with Hudson Area Schools to utilize their hot lunch program.

      Students participate in extracurricular activities such as; community involvement, Sacred Heart Running Club, Presidents Fitness Award, annual educational field trips, 5thl6th grade bi-annual Washington D.C. and Science Camp trips.

      It takes approximately $4,000 to educate one child at Sacred Heart. Thanks to our parish support, we have an affordable tuition rate of $2,265 and we offer a monthly payment plan.



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   75 years of  service, a lifetime of learning. A place where faith and knowledge meet.

   Sacred Heart is a Catholic school that believes the Catholic/Christian faith is the foundation of our value system. Our factulty promotes independent thinking, community involvement, and provides active learning in the education process, We offer child-centered experiences with Christian adult guidance and support. We support and work together with our parents who are the first educators in the life of faith. Different methods of instruction, in school, after school, and outside of school are utilized to meet each family's needs.

    Catholic/Christian attitudes and citizenship are encouraged through a caring environment. It is our goal to prepare students with self-confidence with which they will effectively function in society. A Sacred Heart School Education gives students an education that, will enable them to develop their highest potential spiritually, academically, intellectually, morally, socially and physically.






Sacred Heart School - State Accredited Christian School offers



Daily Prayer

• Teach Religion Daily Sacramental Preparation

• Small School Atmosphere

• Accredited Academic Program

Curriculum Meets Michigan Academic Benchmarks

• Intense Phonics Based Reading Program




State of the An Technology Lab

• Library Facilities Offered

• Band

• Title I Programs

• Intermediate School District Services (speech, hearing academics, physical, emotional)

• Vision and Hearing Testing

Hot Lunch Program


• Fully Certified Teachers

• High Expectations of Behaviors

• Teach Sound Values

• Build Self-Confidence

• Foster Strong Independence

• Teach Problem Solving Skills

• Foster Creativity

• Students Present a Christmas Program and a Spring Program

Strong Academic Program

• Music, Art & Gym

• Pre-school: 3 and 4 Year Old

• After School Care

• Public Speaking

• Outdoor Habitat





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208 S. MARKET STREET - HUDSON, Mi. 49247


Church Office

517- 448 - 3811


April McCaskey, Principall



75 Years of Creating - A Place Where Faith & Knowledge Meet




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